Myrrh & Tonka Bean - Wax Melt
Myrrh & Tonka Bean - Wax Melt

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Myrrh & Tonka Bean - Wax Melt

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A warm powdery indulgence. Earthy smokey tonka bean, with a slight hint of almond and lavender. A well balanced oriental fragrance, finishing with a velvety amber and vanilla base.

Simply place one cube on your wax burner and enjoy over 8 hours of beautiful fragrance filling your home. Our wax melts are the same fragrances as our candles and are made using a vegan-friendly rapeseed and coconut wax.

Each packet containers 6 cubes, giving you approximately 48 hours of fragrance in total.

Our wax melt packaging is made from recycled polypropylene and is a very sought after, environmentally friendly clamshell packaging.